Adaptive Learning

This week the idea of having adaptive instruction has been prominent in my reading and thinking. One of my colleagues, Jennings (2014), at, recommended a resource that I felt was compelling as a language teacher.  As I was reading through this blog I came across this link and felt compelled to comment on the need for adaptive learning strategies in language learning in an online setting.

Tonight, in my reading I came across this article I particularly found Webley’s (2013) article “A is for Adaptive” interesting. In this article, Webley (2013) discusses the need for adaptive learning and talks about Jose Ferreira’s advances in adaptive learning. The use of instruction that adapts to student responses and student response times and changes the next set of questions based on the learner’s profile is discussed as an effective learning tool. This technology is not without its down side, too. Student privacy issues were discussed as well. His company cites the use of student identification numbers so that student data can not be connected with the actual student learner, but can simply be used to adapt curriculum to that learner’s needs. This will be an interesting publication to follow as more and more companies invest in using adaptive learning techniques that will best meet the needs of each individual’s needs.

Another resource that I found this week is This publication currently highlights the article “Brain Research, Instructional Strategies, and E-Learning: Making the Connection”. This article is about making brain compatible instructional strategies in an e-learning environment.

The Chronicle of Higher Learning is also a great resource for current research and information on a variety of topics. Of course, the article on MOOCs  on the front page was interesting to me.


Addendum: Please note my sincerest apologies to my colleague for misreporting her last name in my initial post. Corrections have since been made.


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