Defining Distance Education

Defining Distance Education From the Perspective of a Current Distance Learner, and a Former Distance Teacher Distance learning allows learners access to their courses from anywhere internet is available, and at any time of the day, allowing for flexible, media rich, learner-controlled learning. As technology advances rapidly, so do the possibilities, options and offerings for … More Defining Distance Education

Diversification of Instructional Design

  The study of how people process information, store and retrieve knowledge and how they are motivated is a critical study for instructors and instructional designers alike.  As the primary goal of teaching is to “promote long-term retention and transfer” (Ormrod, 2009), the study of learning theories and styles, adult learning, technology and motivation are … More Diversification of Instructional Design

Adaptive Learning

This week the idea of having adaptive instruction has been prominent in my reading and thinking. One of my colleagues, Jennings (2014), at, recommended a resource that I felt was compelling as a language teacher.  As I was reading through this blog I came across this link and felt compelled to comment on the need for … More Adaptive Learning

Great Sites

Here are a few sites that I really enjoyed. This first one is perfect for language teachers.  There are many great ideas and activities that incorporate technology in the classroom. I especially liked the section on apps for everything. There are some fun games that students can use on their smart phones to practice their … More Great Sites